little yawn kids bedding

Founded by sisters Natalie and Lynn, this kids and baby bed linen company has been brought to life with their complementary skills. Natalie brought her 10 years’ experience as a digital art director, while Lynn has previously worked as a corporate lawyer before finding her passion for fashion as a buyer for some of Australia’s biggest retailers.We had a chat to Lynn about the inspiration behind Little Yawn.

Nat and I wanted to work together for years and finally the timing was right — well, kind of. We just fit our work around the kids’ nap times. Our children got to see the first print sample being made!

We love working together, who wouldn’t want to work with their sister and best friend? With her experience in design and my experience in production and buying we thought it was a match made in heaven.little-yawn-beddingWhen we were choosing a name for our label we must have discussed a zillion ideas but we both loved Little Yawn as it was fun and cheeky.

All our children have allergies and it was difficult to find quality bed linen that was free of toxins, wasn’t plain and boring, and was also made in Australia. All Little Yawn’s products are certified by the Global Organic Textile standard (GOTS), and printed in Melbourne using non-toxic dyes. We do everything locally which has been challenging because local manufacturing is a dying breed.

We hadn’t worked together creatively before so it was initially a bit nerve-racking, but we’ve found our aesthetic is very similar. We agree about everything (from a design perspective – we fight about everything else!).

Initially we had so many ideas so we had to consolidate. We laid out our ideas and then put together inspiration boards under different categories. C.S. Lewis children’s classic The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe had the most appeal to the both of us. I really think it encompasses everything that we are about: mythical worlds and crazy dreams. In the mythical world of Narnia, beavers talk, kids ride lions and fight with magical swords and arrows, and unicorns do battle.

Following this decision we then concentrated on the actual bedding. We worked both by hand (sketching), and digitally on each piece. Then these concepts were put together to see whether they worked cohesively together as a range. This was really important because we want people to be able to mix and match the bedding — for example, the colours had to complement each other. Luckily we are both perfectionists.

We pay attention to clean, modern design and illustrations which will appeal to both children and adults. Our range includes quilt covers, pillow cases and cot-fitted sheets. little-yawn-narnia

Our collections are inspired by the big crazy dreams you have as a child and make-believe worlds.

Some of our favourite pieces are the spring feathers quilt cover and pillow case. We just adore the colours, and our metallic gold stars quilt cover and pillowcase which has the hot pink piping.

Lynn is co-founder of Little Yawn, a kids and baby bed linen company along with her sister Natalie. Inspired by the big crazy dreams you have when you are a child, all Little Yawn’s products feature unique artwork created in a local studio. Little Yawn’s goal is to create a high-quality and ethical product for children, as well as making their bedrooms look incredible. All their products are designed, made and printed in Melbourne, Australia on 100 percent organic cotton. You can find their collection on the Little Yawn website, Facebook and Instagram.

Interview: Jenna Templeton / Styling: Paige Anderson / Photography: Eve Wilson