tennyson and arlo’s room

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Who lives here?
Tennyson, 6, and Arlo, 3.

Did you style it with a particular theme in mind?
The boys’ room is full of treasures, flea market finds, wool rugs, soft linens and their favourite toys. I wanted their room to embody their personalities, and to be a place of comfort and adventure.

Tour Tennyson and Arlo’s room on childmagsblog.com
What inspired you to choose this theme?
They did! I really believe that bedrooms need to represent our personalities – the boys are very artsy, so I chose a big wooden shared desk with storage for when they draw in their notebooks. They are tactile and love imaginative play, so I filled their room with lots of baskets with their favourite Schleich toys, and thick wool rugs, perfect for chilly nights and cuddling up on for bedtime stories.

Tour Tennyson and Arlo’s room on childmagsblog.com

What are their fave parts of their room?
Tennyson: “My favourite thing is my toys, and I love my room and the pictures are so nice, and I really like it. I like it because – it’s very great, I like the area and it’s very cosy in there.”
Arlo: “Because I love it. I love it tidy.”

Tour Tennyson and Arlo’s room on childmagsblog.com

What’s your favourite piece in the room?
Their Olli Ella Teepee Wool Rug. They spend so much time playing on it and I love how it ties their whole room together.

Are any of the pieces family heirlooms?
A toy soldier collection I’ve had since I was nine, and some well-loved family teddy bears.

Tour Tennyson and Arlo’s room on childmagsblog.com
Are there any handmade or DIY pieces?
Yes, we found an old 1950s school desk which was in much need of some TLC. My hubby and I sanded, repainted and put new hardware on it.

Do you have any tips for creating a room like this?
I think what I said before about letting your child/children’s personalities dictate the style of the room, as well as yours. My happy place is at a flea market, so I tried to include vintage treasures throughout, as well as things they love too.

What were the main challenges you faced creating this space?
Keeping myself from going overboard!

Tour Tennyson and Arlo’s room on childmagsblog.com

What’s your best kids’ room tip?
Great storage. I’m a huge fan of well-made, fairtrade woven baskets – perfect for storing toys and hiding away mess (I’ll admit that I am not the tidiest and so these really come in handy!).

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Chloe is the creative director and co-founder (with her sister, Olivia) of Olli Ella, makers of effortless decor for families. She lives in Paddington, Sydney, and has two wonderful, wild little boys Tennyson, 6, and Arlo, 3. 

Interview: Bron Bates / Photographs: Olli Ella