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Where is your studio?
I feel incredibly lucky to have a small home studio in Surry Hills. I love it because it is in the front room of the terrace house, where I can do a little bit of people watching.

Can you describe what’s on your desk and why?
MacBook Air, Happy Socks, coloured pencils (to brighten up my day), some inspiration in my Papercraft book, my sketch book, a cup of mint tea and a few of my May And Baz products lying around, so I can think of more ideas or ways to improve my products.Tour May + Baz's Sydney Studio on

What challenges have you faced when setting up your studio?
Dividing my personal and creative space was a challenge. When I first started, my iMac was literally in my bedroom, so I could just roll out of bed and would start my day designing right away!

Can you tell us about the wall treatments?
Nothing too fancy. I love painting my front door. This season, it was a very pretty mint blue. I like my walls plain white (close to a cream colour), so I can let my framed artwork and paintings be the focus.

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Where have you placed the furniture and why?
I placed two tables together because I love working on a large area and also, they’re perfect for Instagramming! The workspace is perfect for a flatlay photoshoot. I also tend to do a million things at once, like illustrating on my computer, drawing in a sketch book and reading a few magazines.

Do you have plants and where have you arranged them?
I love palm leaves, succulents and ferns. I place them in a vase or glassware, like a fishbowl, jar, etc. I move them around a lot. Plants are sensitive and might prefer more light or shade.

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How have you decorated the walls, can you tell us a bit about what’s on them?
Mainly my illustration for Seal Design Studio and May And Baz. I have paintings from my partner, Leon Korobacz, who painted them when he was studying Fine Arts. I love them very much as they’re industrial places around Sydney.

What’s your fave artwork on your wall?
I love Machines + Me, by Leon, of course. It’s a linocut artwork featuring a welder in black, yellow and red. I think it’s a very dramatic piece!

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Do kids visit you here? Where do they like to hang out?
We have kids around quite often. They hang out near the drawers and cabinets (because there’s always goodies and treats inside) and do their doodles and drawings on the table.

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May Leong is the Sydney-based illustrator and designer behind May And Baz. Visit her website and follow Miss May on Instagram.

Interview: Bron Bates / Photographs: May And Baz