7 weekend links + reads

Weekend links and reads on childmagsblog.com

What are you up to this weekend? One of my glamorous mum-tasks is to sew Rose’s ballet shoe elastic back on. Before she started dance class I had no idea that slippers came without the elastics! I’ll be revisiting this tutorial I used the first time around. I hope you have some fun things planned. Here are a few links that intrigued me and made me smile this week:

10 places to holiday with your kids that aren’t Disneyland (although I’d actually love to take my kids to Disneyland, too).

I’m in awe of this woman’s brave run.

10 Insta-Mums with beautiful feeds, including this talented Aussie.

Check out the 2015 Australian House of the Year.

22 great podcasts to listen to as recommended by Pip.

The veteran actors’ reactions to Taylor’s tweet is the best. I can’t wait to see this play.

I’ll have one of these Wintery Date and Orange bars please.

Bron x

p.s Thank you so much for your kind words on Instagram, email and in person about my post on my experience of being a mum. It means the world.

(Image from Sudo Kids)