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Welcome to our fun new nostalgia series. We love that feeling you get when you see forgotten toys, games and fashion from your childhood – objects that lead you back to happy memories that only other people who grew up at the same time as you can relate to. We can’t tell you how many times we say ‘remember this?’ to each other in the child mags blog team, over shows like Young Talent Time or toys like She-Ra Princess of Power.

I recently packed up all my belongings from a place that my husband and I were renting (we’re about to move in to our first home) when I came across boxes of photos, toys and treasures from my childhood that I’d previously squirrelled away. Many of these things bring back strong memories and have their own stories to tell.

This happy snap was taken in the ’80s on Christmas Day. It was a tradition for mum to take a photo of us every Christmas with our gifts around us. I never understood why this was important at the time, but now I’m grateful that she took these photos. It seems she also created the original flat lay – go mum!

I’ve lived most of my life by the mantra, “Try not to ever lose your childhood wonder – it’s one of the most important things.” My friends often describe me as a ‘child at heart’ and it’s no coincidence that I love anything that gives me a sense of childhood nostalgia. As a child we can feel curious, imaginative, playful and intrepid – qualities I try to take into my adult life.

What I loved most about being a child was that I felt anything was possible, and everything was fun. My well-loved playthings quickly give me a recollection of a time and place in my childhood – they remind me of make-believing, the back stories I created for each of my beloved toys, and the sense of freedom I felt when I made the day my own.

In this series, we’ll be sharing with you some of our most treasured childhood memories through fashion, books, toys and family heirlooms. We’d love to hear your stories too!

Please get in touch with photos of yourself as a child and tell us what was special to you in that photo and why. It could be your fave childhood outfit, toy or perhaps you have some family heirlooms that were passed on to you. Email us at

Words + Photograph: Jenna Templeton