7 weekend ready links

7 weekend links on www.childmagsblog.com

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be heading to Canberra to spend some quality time with my little nephew and try out some of ACT’s newest cafes and restaurants. Most of my nieces and nephews live in different states, so my husband and I like to try and make special trips to see them when we have a chance.

This is a beautiful idea to record family recipes.

Admiring what Share the Dignity campaign is doing for homeless women.

Want to get a bit creative? So many great workshops here to pick from, like how to make a fringed piñata and how to draw a pet portrait.

Be inspired by the many conversations at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, like this one that takes place in a caravan.

Ummm! A doughnut and milkshake in one! This cafe is on the must-visit list.

An amazing video series that gives you a peek into Aussie creatives’ lives.

Would you take your kids out of school to travel?

Jenna xo

Photo: Lacey Lane