’70s kewpies + trikes

kylie shares her 70s birthday memories on the www.childmagsblog.com

Double denim, trikes with streamers and Kewpie-doll cakes! Today we’re celebrating ’70s kids’ parties with child mags blog reader, Kylie Embury, as we take a trip back to her adorable 2nd birthday in Tasmania.

This is me on my second birthday at our family home in Campbell Town, Tasmania (where I was born). My mum took this photo. I loved my first tricycle with streamers – it was a birthday gift from my parents, older brother and sister. The outfit I’m wearing was made by my grandmother and sent to me from Western Australia for my birthday. The shoes were common ‘party’ or ‘good’ shoes in the ’70s. kylie shares her 70s birthday memories on the www.childmagsblog.com

The tricycle with the streamers are what I remember the most from this day. We had a big yard in a small country town with a large turning-circle gravel driveway to ride it on.

kylie shares her 70s birthday memories on the www.childmagsblog.comMe at four-and-a-half with my younger brother. I can see the tricycle in the background next to my older brother’s dragster! It would have been passed on to my younger brother later on.

The Kewpie dolls were all the rage in the early ’70s, and have now made a couple of comebacks. It was chosen for my birthday cake topper as my family thought I looked like a Kewpie doll. I was pretty much bald until just before my second birthday.

Make a match with Kylie’s second birthday: Make a Match: Kylie's birthday in the 70s on www.childmagsblog.comSpot Denim Dress, Country Road / Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle, Toys R Us / Kewpie Doll, Kewpie Dolls / Rex Handlebar Streamers, Pushys / Dragstar Strollin’ Jeans, Shorties / Rosie T-Bar Sandals, Young Soles / Truly Scrumptious Paper Lantern, Lark

Kylie Embury lives in Tasmania with her husband Shayne and children Patrick, 16, Lauren, 14, and Carter, 4. When Kylie was 7, she also enjoyed long bike rides on her Malvern Star. Today her 4-year-old son, Carter, is the proud owner of her favourite teddy, Humphrey, that she adored when she was 3. You can find Kylie on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Interview + Still-life Styling: Jenna Templeton