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Can you tell us about Milk & Honey Photography?
Milk & Honey Photography is a boutique photography studio situated in leafy Summer Hill, in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West. Milk & Honey Photography’s studio style combines a naturally flowing approach with a flair for finding the emotion in the moment. Our photographic style has been best described as “photojournalism with heart and soul”. We love photography and people in equal parts, and as a result we take special pride in creating beautiful images and a fun experience for all our clients. Milk & Honey Photography on the childmagsblog.comWhat inspired you to start your own company?
Milk & Honey Photography was established in 1996. As our name suggests, we want our clients to have a warm, ‘yummy’ experience. We love all aspects of photography and design, and with that in mind we wanted the droplets of our logo to suggest a wonderful coming together of tastes and talents. We also wanted to represent this combination in our gorgeous fine-art portraiture.

What can we expect to find at the Milk & Honey Photography stand at One Fine Baby?
We try to see the moment through a child’s eyes, so we hope visitors will be able to share some of the Milk & Honey Photography experience by chatting with us directly. Visitors will also be able to pour over examples of our lovely images and albums. Our most popular package is our classic Linen Gallery Box that comes with 10 beautifully mounted photo prints and 10 digital files on a custom-made USB. Milk & Honey Photography on the childmagsblog.comAre you launching a new product or collection at One Fine Baby?
Yes, Fine Art wall prints in small, medium and large.

Will you be featuring any exclusive product at One Fine Baby (OFB)?
Yes, 30% off our gallery box package for OFB visitors only!

Is this your first time at One Fine Baby?
No, our first appearance was last year – we had a great response and loved it so much. When we were invited to come back, we were thrilled.

What do your clients value most about Milk & Honey Photography?
We love to photograph families in a context that’s meaningful to them. Whether it’s in their home, at a favourite park or local beach, it tends to allow everyone to be as relaxed or dynamic as they want to in their own comfort zone. Because they’re being themselves, they have more fun (especially the children). It also means the photos will gain more emotional impact in the long term, because we’re creating beautiful, natural portraits at this particular time in the family’s life in a relevant location. As a result, our clients often come back and tell us how much they cherish the work – especially as children grow up and family life can change so quickly. Milk & Honey Photography on the childmagsblog.comWe’re all about celebrating Australian motherhood and creativity on child mags blog. What does it mean to you to be an Australian creative, who is also a mother?
Matthew and I share most roles in the business and at home, which has worked well for our family because it allows for a lot of flexibility. It also means we’re allowed to work around our strengths (and weaknesses). For example, because it was important for me to get back into studio-mode as soon as possible after our children were born, Matthew did a lot of at-home hours during that period. Whether it was processing images or dealing with domestic chores, it just worked best that way and our self-employment allowed for it. Milk & Honey Photography on the childmagsblog.comIs there anything else you’d like to share with other mums who may be trying to combine their lives as photographers and caretakers?
Don’t be too fixed in your daily structure, or too hard on yourself if you don’t get everything done in a ‘normal’ working day. Just do what you can. Milk & Honey Photography on the childmagsblog.comMilk & Honey Photography is NSW couple Anni & Matthew. They live in Summer Hill with their children Etienne, 9, and Odette, 7. They will be featuring their work at this year’s One Fine Baby Fair, Sydney, held at the Australian Technology Park, on 14 and 15 November 2015. To see more of their work you can visit their shop at Suite 1, 184 Old Canterbury Road, Summer Hill or check out their website and blog. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. One Fine Baby on One Fine Baby is an annual event that includes a handpicked selection of the best and most stylish vendors in the baby and child-related industries. One Fine Baby emphasises stylish, creative and beautiful ideas in a fun and interactive environment. While parents discover new ideas to love, children will be kept entertained with craft activities, play areas and a petting zoo – a brilliant day out for the whole family. To learn more about One Fine Baby head to their website or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Don’t forget to mark these One Fine Baby event dates in your diary…
MELBOURNE: 17 and 18 October, Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens
SYDNEY: 14 and 15 November, Australian Technology Park

Interview: Jenna Templeton / Photography: Milk & Honey Photography