7 weekend ready links

7 Weekend ready links on www.childmagsblog.com

Things sure are heating up fast this spring. I’m on the mission this weekend to stay cool and plan some exciting adventures for the upcoming Christmas break. Here are a few links to inspire you this weekend:

Get your friends together to visit a pop-up café based on a popular ’90s sitcom. Oh boy!

A box full of crafty goodies sent to your doorstep every month…where do I sign up?

Where are they now? This photographic series is getting me all nostalgic.

Would you choose your baby’s name based on its nickname compatibility?

Food for thought or food to keep? You decide.

I just love browsing in cosy bookstores.

Inspired by this discussion. Having the confidence to be yourself and finding the courage to share your work with the world.

Happy weekend! Jenna xo

(Image: Indigo Babe)