7 weekend ready links

Sharehome by Bri Hammond featured in www.childmagsblog.com weekend links

Happy weekend, folks! What are you up to? I’ve got the spring cleaning bug, so I’ll be organising my home, de-cluttering and making room for new things, such as treasures picked up from op shops and garage sales. I’ll also make sure I schedule in some crafty times while watching some Halloween movie classics. Anyone remember Hocus Pocus?

I’ll be hunting for treasure this weekend on the Garage Sale Trail.

Who doesn’t like having a peek into beautiful homes? This series explores some beautiful Australian sharehomes and the creatives that inhabit them.

These rad magnets instantly take me back to the ’80s!

A blog with lots of lovely food vibes.

A movie festival dedicated to iconic women on film.

Smart women can watch and like The Bachelor.

A look at fashion bloggers before they were famous.

Jenna xx

(Image: Bri Hammond)