diy tulle-covered balloons

DIY: Tulle Covered Balloons on

These black tulle-covered balloons are so chic and cool.

You’ll need:

Clear balloon filled with helium
2 metres of black ribbon
Black tulle (enough to cover balloon).DIY: Tulle Covered Balloons on Cut a square piece of black tulle that’s big enough to cover a balloon.

Hold balloon down and hover balloon under center of your square sheet of tulle.

Gather the tulle around balloon to the balloon tail.

Secure tulle to balloon by tying black ribbon around the tulle and balloon tail.

Secure with a few knots.

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Jade Warne, 34, lives in Sydney, NSW, and is mum to Valentine, 1, and Winifred, 7. Jade is the editor and producer behind parenting and lifestyle blog Hipster Mum and owns her own photography biz. You can find her work via her wonderful blog or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

With big thanks to Winifred, 7.

Words: Jenna Templeton / Photography + Styling: Jade Warne / Clothing + Food Styling Billie & Kate / Balloons Born To Party / Winifred Wears Tutu Du Monde + Country Road + Seed Heritage