7 beach bag must-haves for kids

billie goat sunscreen for kids

It only takes a few key items to get the kids beach-ready, and with summer just around the corner, it’s handy to have a beach bag for impromptu outings. My daughter loves going swimming, and, at three, she’s old enough to no longer need nappies for the pool (yay!). Here are our must-have items this summer: billie goat sunscreen for kids

billie goat sunscreen for kids

billie goat sunscreen for kids 1. Beach bag. I often share my beach bag with the kids, but I’ve found it can be handy to have a bag for each child, so they can keep all their swimming things ready and together.

2. Sunscreen. Billie Goat Sunscreen is a natural zinc, SPF 30 sunscreen with ingredients that include natural goats milk, aloe vera and calendula. It’s four hours water resistant and suitable for all skin types – great for all of us on our summer beach visits.

3. Swimmers. We picked up a couple of pairs of Collette Dinnigan swimsuits for this season. This gingham one piece and a rash vest and bottoms. While one’s drying, the other is ready.

4. Sandals. I like flip flops/thongs, but my kids get frustrated when their heels aren’t held in. My daughter loves sparkly shoes, so these gold ones are a hit.

5. Pool towel. A hooded towel that acts like a post-swim cape is a cosy option, and kids love any chance to dress up. Win, win.

6. Sunglasses/Hat. Do your kids love to copy you, too? Sunglasses aren’t strictly a must-have, but they’re great for shading little peepers. Otherwise, a hat is ideal (who doesn’t remember Slip! Slop! Slap!?).

7. Books. Having summer-themed books to read while warming up after a swim makes for a relaxing winding-down activity. My kids really enjoy the rhythm of Magic Beach by Alison Lester. Happy summer!

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Words + Photos: Bron Bates

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