my kid wants retro-cool shoes

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My daughter loves shoes. I think she feels her shoe choice can make or break her outfit. I’ve noticed that her shoe choice can make or break our mornings. Young Soles Shoes For Kids on

Young Soles Shoes For Kids on Our morning routines are executed with a military precision that doesn’t allow for those days when her shoes aren’t working for her. If you have a three year old too, you probably know what I mean. Even though she has a perfectly good pair of sneakers that are completely fine for daycare, some days she’ll try to squeeze on pink glittery sandals despite the cold, or gumboots on scorching hot days where there isn’t a cloud in sight. If I don’t acquiesce to her footwear choice, it isn’t pretty. There’s pouting. There’s dilly dallying. And sometimes she looks at my feet to see what shoes I’ve chosen.

The other morning, I was wearing flat T-bar mary janes with a buckle. After a big stare at my feet, Rose started digging through the shoe basket and pulled out her very old T-bar sandals that are definitely two sizes too small for her. Young Soles Shoes For Kids on

The clock was ticking, but I took a deep breath and sat down with her. “Let’s talk about this,” I said. “Would you like different shoes?” “Yes” “Shoes like mine?” “Yes” (preferably with glitter but she was willing to compromise). Now we have a plan and it definitely involves mary janes with a T-bar strap. She’s super excited. Young Soles Shoes For Kids on Young Soles have shoes and boots for boys and girls available on their UK Young Soles website. For shopping in Australia, check their list of Young Soles Australian Stockists

Words: Bron Bates / Photographs: Young Soles

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