11 things about karen

11 things about Karen Miles

Who writes here? In this ‘11 Things About’ mini-series, the people behind child mags blog (hi!) let you in on a few of their quirks and secrets.

1. When people call me Karen, I think I’m in trouble. My friends call me Kaz. Stu calls me Kazy. For ease of use, let’s go with Karen.

2. Stu’s my best friend, the wisest, funnest man, and my husband. We’ve been together almost half our lives. He’s the engineer to my artist and the person who gets me without words being spoken.

3. We have two beautiful children. Harrison, 10, makes me a better person. He’s super smart and lives inside the fascinating and challenging world of ADHD with Giftedness (ask me any questions about this, at any time, at editorial@childmags.com.au). Scarlett, 7, thinks deeply, dances gracefully, loves playing hairdressers with me and is the little girl I’ve always dreamed about.

4. I was scared to give birth. I would hide in the toilets at the mum-to-be classes, bawling because I was so confronted watching those videos. A believer in the mind/body connection, my brain engineered a c-section with baby number one. My second baby was transverse, so they got her out quick, again via the sunroof. I don’t care how my babies came out – I look upon my scar with pride. I do admire stories like this that move me to happier tears when women get the information they need.

5. I’m driven. I love shining a light on issues that matter and telling people’s stories. Anything that helps me and you to think differently, creates positive change and validates your experience, I’m into it. This story and this cover I created are among my favourites.

6. I secretly love folky country music (the soulful storytelling relaxes me) and the TV show Nashville. I dream about one day wearing cowboy boots with my growing collection of boho dresses.

7. I am easily obsessed with pretty things and interior design, and once spent five straight days shopping.

8. I’ve authored two books, Career Advice You Wish Your Mum Had Told You and The Real Baby Book You Need at 3am. It would appear I love loooong titles. Not sure why. They both sold out (yay!), must get on to reprints.

9. Disneyland was the destination for our honeymoon. Rollercoasters are the best.

10. I see beauty in all its forms, everywhere, and it fulfils me. I wish my own photography saw what I saw.

11. Oh, I’m the editor here at CHILD and I’m addicted to magazines. I even love how they smell (is that weird? I’m ok with it).

Karen x