11 things about mel

11 things about melissa cowan

Who writes here? In this ‘11 Things About’ mini-series, the people behind child mags blog (hi!) let you in on a few of their quirks and secrets.

1. I love writing letters. I find myself drafting letters to people in my head daily.

2. I’m new to the child mags blog team. We work hard, play hard and laugh hard. I feel lucky to be a part of such a stellar team.

3. My short film, Transparency, was selected as a Tropfest finalist in 2011. Seeing 100,000 people watch something I made was terrifying and awesome.

4. I made the move from film to the written word because I’ve always felt like a writer/editor at heart. From age five, I always had a notebook in hand, writing short stories and poems.

5. I went on exchange to San Francisco for a semester in 2008. One of my teachers was an old school Hollywood director who used to work with James Dean.

6. I can lick my elbow.

7. Siem Reap (Cambodia) is my second home. I’ve been four times and volunteered there twice. A fellow volunteer and good friend has gone on to start his own NGO, Life Project Cambodia, which was one of the places I taught English at.

8. I’m obsessed with Lena Dunham, Cheryl Strayed and podcasts.

9. I backpacked my way around Southeast Asia for five months, solo. It made me fiercely independent and taught me that strangers are kind. Staying in a bungalow on top of a waterfall in Laos (on a whim) was a highlight.

10. I have a schoolgirl crush on Richie from The Bachelorette and may or may not have added him on Facebook (he accepted!).

11. Red wine makes me sneeze. Unless it’s expensive, then I seem to be okay.

Mel x