fresh stationery for 2016

fresh stationery for 2016

The New Year brings with it new resolutions, new beginnings and, my favourite, new stationery. As Christmas approaches, I’m already on the lookout for fresh yearly planners and fun, practical stationery that’ll brighten up the coming year.

As someone who loves being organised, I appreciate a good family planner. This one allows all members of the household to keep track of events, sport and dance days, appointments, school calendar events and birthdays. Each hour of the day is accounted for on the planner, so it’s perfect for those extra busy days when each family member has different things on and needs to be somewhere at a specific time.Stuck On You Family Planner on child mags blogGrowing up in the late ’80s and early ’90s, it was difficult – actually, impossible – to find anything with my name on it. Jenna was not a common name in Australia. My parents ended up getting a special name puzzle handmade for my sister and I. It helped us learn how to spell our names, so we could write our own names in preschool without help from the teachers.

If we’d had Stuck On You back then, I would’ve taken my personalised pencil case and notebooks to school with pride. I went through so many new feelings and emotions when I was growing up. I found keeping a diary helped me work through lots of change-related thoughts about becoming an adult, what I wanted to do career wise, fitting in and high school crushes. These diaries have become great keepsakes and I hope they come in handy for my own children one day (in the far future). Stuck On You Stationery on child mags blogI’m quite obsessed with stationery and have secret hoards of beautifully designed notebooks hidden around the house. Each book has a theme: one for jotting down ideas, another filled with sketches of things I want to make and others filled with magazine clippings from home and design mags. They’re my little books of inspiration.

Sketchbooks are another great outlet for kids. Each page is personalised with lovely designs and the A3 size is perfect for your mini artist’s bigger masterpieces. They can also have their name engraved on a batch of coloured pencils and pop them into their personalised school kit.

To see more of the Stuck On You range, head to their website. You can also keep up to date with their latest collections via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and see some of their products in action on YouTube.

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Words: Jenna Templeton