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The two most important things in the world to me are family and love. When I put these things together, they equal a home.

A home is a place filled with love, laughter and memories. Your childhood is shaped by the place you grow up in. I often think about the true meaning of home at Christmas time, when most of the family come together.

Having lived in the same house my whole childhood, I always dreamed about owning my own family home and wondered what my house would look like when I became an adult. Most of these dreams included having a house just like in the movie Father of the Bride. I thought it was the quintessential family home. Obviously, I can’t afford a mansion at this point in time, but while house hunting for my first home, I hoped it had the essence of a well-loved family home. A place to feel safe in, a place to create memories and a place to make our own.

My husband, Ryan, and I have been house hunting for a year now. I would say it’s been an emotionally challenging time. As most home buyers would know and agree, not only do you have to find the right home for you (with a few compromises), you need to have the offer accepted and make sure it’s not termite infested. I guess you could compare house hunting to dating. You can get so emotionally invested in the relationship (house), only to have your heart broken when your love/bid is not accepted.

So this year, the goal for us was to find a home for Christmas (wouldn’t that make a good movie title?). When we begun house hunting, we were both very open minded when it came to house viewings and have spent almost every weekend this year at open homes. We learnt how to gauge the market and discovered what we really wanted most.

Everyone is trying to find their dream home, but it was important to keep in mind that we could also make a place into our dream home. I did have a few things I wasn’t willing to compromise on, though. While some might wish to have an amazing bathroom or kitchen, the things on the top of my list were: is there room to put a Christmas tree? Can we easily fit a big family dining table somewhere? I would even check to see if there was enough room to store the Christmas tree. Clearly I had my priorities in order!

A Christmas miracle has recently occurred – last month we found the perfect home for us and will soon be home owners for the first time. We did make a few offers during the year on some houses (that we were out-bided on), but looking back, we know they weren’t meant for us.

While we don’t get to move in before Christmas, we’re looking forward to getting the keys in the New Year. We’re both very excited about this new stage in our life and we’re looking forward to having and making a home for Christmas in 2016.

Jenna x

Update: Since posting this story in 2015, we are happy to say that Jenna has moved in to her new home and was so excited about celebrating Christmas in 2016 that she began decorating the house in November!! Keep up-to-date with Jenna’s home renovations and Christmas HERE.

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