5 fun school sets

5 back to school sets we love

Are your kids heading back to school soon? Max (8) will be starting third grade. Along with his Star Wars lunchbox, he’ll be packing his new pencil case. He loves to draw, so his supplies are pretty important to him.

He gave these 5 sets a try and told me what he thought about each one.

1.Crayola Colored Pencils (Pack of 12)

“These pencils would be good for school, I think my teacher would like them. You could use these while you’re working in class. You can’t use markers for school work, only for free-drawing time. I like the design of the pencils. I like how they have little words in gold on them that say what colour they are.”
Kids Rating: 4/5


2. Crayola Washable ColorClicks Markers (Pack of 10)

“I’d use these markers for drawing and making stop motions with the drawings. The best thing about them is that when you draw outlines with them, there’s no holes where you’ve drawn, it’s a smooth line. I really like these markers. Are they out in the shops?”
Kids Rating: 4/5

Mum’s note: They’re also washable, so if your kids are like mine and get marker all over their clothes, it should be easy to remove.

5 back to school sets we love

3. Crayola Twistables Crayons (Pack of 12)

“I’d use these for colouring. I think 4 to 9 year olds would like these crayons. The best thing about them is they give a good effect on the paper. Like a crayony-scribble. I like that the colours are named on the back of the crayon box. I also like the twist thing. It’s like you can turn the crayons on and off.”
Kids Rating: 4/5

Mum’s note: While Max was drawing, so was Rose (4). We’ve used Twistables before and I think they’re a good option for keeping younger kids happy too. Max was humming the whole time he was using these, he really loved all the colours.

5 back to school sets we love

4. Crayola Washable School Glue and Blunt Tip Scissors

“I like these scissors, they’re very good at cutting. I can cut around things easily with them. I like that the handle is soft. We don’t have to bring scissors to school, but these would be good to have at home. This glue is very sticky, I drew an AT-ST Walker, cut it out and stuck it on an Endor background.”
Kids Rating:
Scissors 4/5, Glue 3/5


5. Crayola SuperTips Washable Markers (Pack of 20)

“These markers would be good for drawing and colouring in. I like how the colour fills the space. I’d draw Star Wars drawings with them. I like how there are a lot of colours. Do we get to keep these? I reeeeaaallly want them.”
Kids Rating: 4/5

Visit Crayola for more information on all these products and school supplies and to sign up to their e-newsletters. 

Words + Photographs: Bron Bates / Papercraft: Jenna Templeton / Featured Book: Find Me A Castle by Beci Orpin / Markers, Crayons, Pencils, Glue + Scissors Crayola

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