where nordic babies sleep

Where Babies Sleep

Australian parents-to-be can let their baby sleep in Nordic style with Finnish baby boxes, available through The Baby Box Co. Bron Bates explains.

When I brought my first son home from the hospital, I put him in a drawer.

My parents had told me a story about how they kept me in a drawer for a short time when I was born. There was a romanticism about this story that I wanted to emulate. Never mind that I had a bassinet and a cot all ready for my baby – I was determined to pop him in a drawer. I made it up like a snuggly bed and he slept in it for maybe a day, tops. He was a particularly large baby and he really needed a bigger place to sleep, so he moved into the bassinet by my bed and, miraculously, hardly ever cried.

where nordic babies sleep

When my second child was born I also had two sleeping places ready for him: a hammock beside my bed and a cot in his fully decorated nursery. But mostly he slept in bed with me. I adored co-sleeping with him. When we moved him out of our bed and into the cot in his room I cried. He cried too. Non-stop for three weeks. It was heart-breaking.

Then my third child was born. From the very beginning she bunked in with her brother in his hand-me-down hammock in the room next to mine. For the most part it was smooth sleeping. She was an uncomplicated baby and I’d done this gig twice before.

When it came to my babies’ sleeping I’ve learnt that what works for one baby may not work for the next but the need for each to have a small, safe place to lay their heads has been the one constant.

Around the world parents have diverse, firmly established traditions for the babies safe sleeping too. From a sling on their mother’s back in Africa, to the outdoors in Denmark and their parents’ bed in Japan, babies and their sleeping places and habits can be as varied as the babies themselves.

where nordic babies sleep

One interesting practice that’s occurred in Finland since 1938  is the government-issued baby box, a sort of starter-kit for new parents.

Mums-to-be are given the kit which comprises of a neat box lined with a mattress and complete with bedding, clothes and baby products. Finnish parents can choose between receiving money or the box. 95% choose the box.

Because of the box, all Finnish babies can start life with a safe place to sleep, and the box is sometimes credited with Finland’s low infant mortality rate.

For Australian parents wanting to give their babies a Nordic start in life, The Baby Box Co have a range of boxes available, from the plain box to the The Dreamtime Box. These boxes are also great for parents wanting to make an economical choice for their child’s first sleeping space. You can use the baby box for infants up to about 8 months of age.

where nordic babies sleepYou can visit The Baby Box Co to check out their entire range of baby boxes to see if there’s a box you’d love to take home for your new baby, or to give as the perfect all-in-one gift for an expectant friend.

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Words: Bron Bates / Big Stock + The Baby Box Co