my life in lists

Lists of all things by Jenna Templeton

Jenna Templeton gets excited about things in point form and reflects on the New Year ahead.

This is a story about my life in lists. While I prefer to do things on the spur of the moment rather than plan (looming event obligation gives me anxiety), I do like certain aspects of my life (like work) to be organised. I do this by making lists.

Be it the old faithful ‘to do’ list or a list of things to achieve before finally accomplishing a bigger task, it gives me motivation and goals. Lists also help me to remember the important things. Some of the things I have lists for include:

To do list: what needs to get done at work and my craft website, creative projects and personal blog.

Shopping list: Craft items needed to make projects, indulgent buys and all the daily home essentials.

Birthday ideas list: Jot down cool things I see throughout the year to buy people, so when their big day comes around I don’t do the ‘I don’t know what to get’ freak out.

To make list: A list of craft project ideas I want to make. You’ve got to catch and write those ideas down when you can!

Books: Ones I want to read and ones I’ve already read.

Movies and TV shows: Things I want to watch.

Clicks: Fave websites and blogs. I go crazy with any website ‘bookmark’ options. Hello Bloglovin too!

Holiday and day trip itinerary lists: My favourite kind of list. Shops, restaurants and places to visit on our holidays.

Pinterest: The visual list. Many evenings are spent in a whirlpool of pin its.

The start of the New Year gets me thinking even more about all things list related. I’ve tried the resolution list in the past, but find they can have the reverse effect of being discouraging. Instead, I like to give myself more attainable resolution options, and yes, I do make a list of these things.

Here is my New Year list:

– Take more photos of family and daily life. I would also like to document these in one of those things called…a photo album.

– Enjoy the soon-to-begin adventure of living in our first home. I feel a list coming on of all the things we would like to renovate and add a bit of TLC to in our new abode.

– Worry less and just be in the moment.

With all things digital and life happening so fast, I think making these lists keeps me calm. It also gives me the opportunity to use fresh stationery.

So that’s me in a list. What do you like to make lists for?

child mags blog’s Bron Bates likes to make Past Year’s Achievements lists.

Being on theme, I made a list of how many times I said list/s in this story. Total = 25

Jenna xx

Image: Jenna Templeton