which fluffy spirit animal are you?

Class of 2016 spirit animals

Karen Miles compares fluffy toys to the people she works with.

It all started with Orlando Owl. This is the face my digital editor Bron pulls when she’s unimpressed. Example: “Bron, can you social media this product that’s just come in, oh, and the photos they supplied are really bad.” Cue face. Bron doesn’t realise how often she does an ‘Orlando’, though she’s considerably more aware of it now that he sits at her desk.

Class of 2016 spirit animalsPenguin is alert at all times but never alarmed. This is Mel, our sub editor. I’m pretty sure she subscribes to multiple dictionary apps, because she always knows when we’re making up words. She’s calm, quieter than most, and understands her role in the team – do no harm to the planet, or an editorial feature, and especially to my Editor’s Letter.

Class of 2016 spirit animalsNat is my Paris Poodle. She turned up to her CHILD job interview for the role of Features Editor wearing a fabulous scarf knotted at the neck to the side and just so. Well traveled – she once worked in travel PR – Nat is my walking encyclopedia. Smart, poised and possessing a M.A. in Egyptology, she carries herself and her many pashminas with fabulosity (Mel, that’s totally a word).

Class of 2016 spirit animalsToothy Mutt is Maria, our editorial assistant. Mum to four fabulous kids, she’s loyal, hard working and consistently consistent. Ready to greet me every morning with a grin and a great tale (see what I did there), Maria’s the faithful companion to our editorial team. Any task she’s given is completed before one returns to one’s desk – dogged proof of her news hound dedication.

Class of 2016 spirit animalsTiger is our latest recruit. I met Anne-Maree, our new calendar coordinator, on the Zumba dance floor at the gym. Such is her commitment to the South American art form that she once attended class wearing full-body medical equipment, apparently something to do with monitoring her heart. Which is huge. Tiger is outgoing, fun, totally on top of things and has truly earned her motherhood stripes. Read here, here and here.

Class of 2016 spirit animalsRounding out the digital team is Bashful Unicorn, aka Jenna. A crafty chick with scissors and glue at the ready, Jenna makes us remember what it’s like to be a kid in the 80s, wearing roller skates and fluro socks. A faithful follower of The Hallmark Channel, never start a debate with Jenna about Barbie’s tiny silly feet vs the preferable sensible shoes of The Babysitter’s Club.

Class of 2016 spirit animalsWhich brings me to me. Mel decided I’m Toothy Fox and the team heartily agreed. Apparently I laugh and smile (like, a lot) akin to the infectious, gregarious grin on this guy. Nat also added it’s because I’m quick thinking and always ahead of the pack. Sadly it’s not coz I’m foxy.

Class of 2016 spirit animalsFind your Jellycat soulmate at these lovely providers: Jasper Junior in Melbourne, sendatoy.com.au and The Teddy Bear Shop in Melbourne and Hobart.

Class of 2016 spirit animalsP.S I’m thinking these fluffy friends would also make excellent non-chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts given 2016 is looking like the year I break up with sugar. More on that later.

Words: Karen Miles / Styling + Photography: Jenna Templeton