april issue of child mags

April issue of CHILD mags

Karen Miles explores the idea of ‘home’ and what that means to three different Australian families, including our cover kid, Tjandamurra, in the April issue of CHILD Mags.

My goal is to champion all children with each CHILD cover I create and all stories I commission. I want to put every child’s wellbeing and identity at the forefront of our minds. My intent is that our storytelling sheds light on matters you may never have considered before.

April issue of CHILD magsIn this April issue, our cover kid Tjandamurra is being raised and valued within a family that spans generations imbued in Aboriginal culture as well as European influences. We look at the covert racism that still exists in Australia; when people find out Tjandamurra’s fair-skinned mother Danielle is Aboriginal, some say,  “You’re so pretty for an Aboriginal” and look for ways to not put her in the ‘Aboriginal’ box.

April issue of CHILD magsMoved by acclaimed journalist Stan Grant’s speech last year on racism in Australia, I’m excited to bring you an exclusive extract from his newly released book Talking to My Country, which takes us back to Stan’s childhood and our shared Australian story.

April issue of CHILD magsFinally, our third feature sheds light on the five domestic violence warning signs a survivor of 15 years wants our daughters to know.

What’s home life like for you?

Karen x

P.S I’d love you to join me for my regular chat about all things parenting on Kinderling this month – I’ll be live at around 12.15pm on Tuesday 5 April 2016.

E.T.A 5/4/16 We’re excited to announce that Danielle will be chatting with Kinderling! Head over there to hear her interview.

Cover Photography: Sue Stubbs