how #iquitsugar

how #iquitsugar

Last week Karen Miles fessed up to a life-long relationship with sugar that she’s finally ended.

Farewell chocolate mousse, au revoir almond croissant, I am done with you.

So how did I do it? What does life after sugar look like?

Here are the three super simple, infinitely doable things I did that worked for me.

1. I got some new friends. They’re called smoothie maker and food processor. I found a billion recipes online for super delicious chia seed enabled, blueberry packed, protein energy boosters in a cup, and they’re easy and quick to make. I even found a NutriBullet on sale at Myer. I’m a big fan of a green smoothie or anything with oats and dates. The processor is for making protein balls and raw desserts in every flavour you could imagine. Stick to raw, wholefoods and you’ll get your dessert kick without the chaos. My Insta has recipes and links to my current faves.

2. I formed a support group. The wellness community is abundant. Follow the ones you love on Insta and Pinterest, create your own inspo boards and start coveting those ridiculously colourful, healthy looking recipe books you see printed on upcycled paper. A whole new world of creativity and happiness with vegetables is but an app away.

3. I took up a new lover. With my newfound energy, I found myself ready to hook up with exercise. A relo had unwittingly gifted me a Fit Bit for Christmas, so I started walking. You don’t need to be a gym junkie to look and feel amazing in your new and improved sugar-free bod. Just walk. Regular walkies with my partner and/or kids has enhanced my wellbeing and my sense of community. I’m now one of those lycra-clad people who nods a knowing nod to her fellow walkers-by. Plus, exercise is the best way to keep my mind healthy and solve the world’s problems at the end of a tough day.

Are you ready to quit sugar too? Are you feeling it? Cacao nibs are calling.

Karen x

(Image: Bondi Wholefoods)