8 best smoothie bowls

8 best smoothie bowls

Jenna Templeton shares 8 breakfasts you’ll be happy to wake up to.

After recently picking up and devouring copies of Lola Berry’s The Happy Life and Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, I’m sold on looking into alternatives for a sugar- and preservative-free lifestyle. Especially if it means I get to make a beautifully presented smoothie bowl.

A simple hashtag search on Instagram of #smoothiebowl immediately brings up so many visually appealing options. I scroll through countless numbers of amazingly presented breakfast photos – a cakey-looking porridge with neat rows of fruit, nuts and berries decorated on top. I just want to get to the food styling and eating now.

Suddenly I’m searching the supermarket aisles for cacao powder, goji berries, almond milk, chia seeds etc.

The Mission: Make this healthy work of art, eat and give myself a pat on the back for the good food vibes I’ve just given my body.

To begin, here are 8 of the prettiest and yummiest smoothie bowls you must try. You’re welcome.

  1. Green Smoothie Bowl

8 best smoothie bowls2. Cacao Crunch Bowl

8 best smoothie bowls3. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

8 best smoothie bowls4. Warm Apple + Buckwheat Bowl

8 best smoothie bowls5. Beetroot + Berry Bowl

8 best smoothie bowls6. Dark Chocolate + Rose Smoothie Bowl

8 best smoothie bowls7. Mango + Banana + Passionfruit Smoothie Bowl

8 best smoothie bowls8. Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

8 best smoothie bowlsWords: Jenna Templeton

(First Image: Elsa’s Wholesome Life)