bron bates says goodbye

bron bates

Outgoing digital editor Bron Bates says goodbye and thanks.

“Birth is a lot of women’s reality. And I don’t understand why you wouldn’t write about that if you’re a writer and a feminist and that was your reality” –Ariel Levy.

This quote has been stuck to the divider by my desk in the CHILD Mags office for the last couple of years. It’s part of a larger quote from the author Ariel Levy and it’s encouraged me to speak up (or write) about things that are personal to me  – things that sometimes felt too private to share. But then I think of women like Ariel and I forge ahead.

Women have only been given a voice in our society very recently. We were only given the right to vote a few generations ago, and as for our stories of birth or child rearing? It’s still a struggle for the personal to be recognised as political.

That’s why I’m proud to have been a part of the team at CHILD Mags, who for the last 25 years have been giving a voice to the reality of child rearing and women’s issues. It’s also been an absolute pleasure to work with the team here, especially fellow child mags blog bloggers and all-round amazing women, Jenna TempletonKaren Miles and Melissa Cowan.

child mags blog bloggers

I look forward to reading more stories under the helm of the new digital editor (soon to be chosen) and will go on to write more about motherhood and women in my own personal writing projects.

Thank you for your readership and the beautiful feedback I’ve received over the years. Australian mothers are an amazing bunch.

Bron x

Bron Bates writes in Sydney, NSW, where she lives with her kids, Alex, 18, Max, 8, Rose, 4, and her husband, Mark. She was the digital editor at Copeland Publishing from 2013 to 2016. You can follow her on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Words: Bron Bates / Team Photograph: Sue Stubbs