hello good-looking… activewear

hello...good-looking activewear

Today on child mags blog, Karen Miles tackles life’s big questions and asks: Are you more active in stylish active wear? (You’ve seen the video, yes?)

Walking around Bondi – Sydney’s capital of cool – one quickly realises plain black exercise tights no longer cut it with the athletic, hipster crowd.

Oblivious to my fashion faux pas one weekend walking the Bondi to Bronte, I was engulfed by a surplus of seriously stylish legs. Vibrant colours, painterly designs and striking monochrome.

But does awesome active wear make you exercise more, faster, harder? Can fashion meet performance? This week I got active in some super stylish active wear and here’s what I learned.

running bare long jump full length tight in gia, $109.99

hello good-looking... activewearWhat they promise: Premium performance fabric, firm fit for muscle support, high rise waist, ideal for outdoor running, cycle & other cardio workouts.

The verdict: This is active wear perfection! running bare know how to produce a stylish, hard wearing, seriously comfortable wear-it-all-day (even to drop off, then on to a café, and a 5km walk, and oh, still wearing them at pick up coz they’re just that comfy) uber tight. The all over pattern is super flattering, I felt v body positive and surprisingly energised. And I love that they’re made in Australia.

lilybod Zoe – Runway Black, $79

hello good-looking... activewearWhat they promise: The new standard in sports luxe, premium four-way stretch, moisture wicking durable breathable fabric.

The verdict: There are so many yes’s about these tights! This preppy digital design is utterly modern, yet ridiculously retro cool. I teamed them with some short ’70s exercise shorts (like these), worn over the top. Love! I couldn’t stop walking that day, I just got so into the exercise groove. In my mind, I was tripping the light fantastic, Saturday Night Fever style. These lilybod tights are also very comfortable, with a slight fabric shine.

Not to relegate plain black tights to the back shelf, I returned to a classic black staple for a final comparison.

Bloch Studio Suprima Low Rise 7/8 Tight, $79.95

hello good-looking... activewearWhat they promise: Stronger, firmer, more superior fabric called Suprima Supplex, low rise, moisture wicking tech, supreme fit and supported silhouette.

The verdict: The fabric is so high quality and comfortable, I couldn’t fault it. I have discovered that I do find a high rise waist more comfortable and well, less muffin top-y. I loved the matte finish to the fabric and the way these Bloch tights just seemed to hold everything together. If you’re looking for a flattering, superior cut and fabric, this is your tight.

So who wins: Plain black or arty active wear? Stylish active wear is just so much more fun. Plain black tights can feel same/same, very “here I am, exercising, again”. The more style-driven active wear however, felt energising and entertaining in the way good design lifts your mood.

Check out my other fab active wear finds over here, here and here. I’m not sure I can ever go back to black. You?

Words: Karen Miles