june issue of child mags

June issue of child mags

Exhausted and overwhelmed? Karen Miles explains how to find a new calm in our June issue – out now.

Firstly, when it comes to babies, there’s a lot of cute. And there’s so much cute on our June baby cover. This is River, our June cover kid, who was a total natural in front of the camera (see the video below). How adorbs is her boho woodlands outfit with the ridiculously cute fox beanie? Ah winter! Both of my babies were winter babies and there’s nothing more snuggly.June issue of child magsThen of course, there’s a whole other side to having babies – the job itself. Whether you’re new to motherhood or reading this in the car line, have you ever felt like the other mums around you are nailing it, while you’re not? There are so many thoughts and feelings running around our heads as parents that can really trip us up. That’s where this month’s lead story takes hold.

We’ve addressed four of the most common myths holding you back from enjoying motherhood more, and talk about what’s getting in the way of you being a whole lot nicer to yourself. You’ll love our writer Brigid Schulte’s frank and honest approach to managing the overwhelm behind much of motherhood.

We also don’t want you to feel alone as a mum. Those walls in your home can close in on you sometimes. Our feature Find Your Mum Tribe contains a fabulous list of events and groups I wish I had when I was scouting for new mum friends. Being able to share the motherload can be the difference between thriving and falling to your knees in those first months and years of your baby’s life.

June issue of child magsIf you’d love to capture your little ones in a fun, professional, low-stress photo shoot, check out my Ed’s letter this month inside the mag to score a 20 percent discount with the gorgeous mums who run A Pop of Love Photography.

Here’s the June cover kid video…Enjoy!

Karen x

Words: Karen Miles / Cover Photography: Sue Stubbs / Flat-Lay Photography: Jenna Templeton / Video: Melissa Cowan