photography pop-up (with confetti)

photography pop up (with confetti)

Fancy dropping in on an utterly modern pop-up photography studio for your next family snaps? Karen Miles shares her latest find.

A Pop Of Love Photography is the creation of stylist, Sandra (mama to Annabelle, two) and photographer, Amelia (mama to Liam, two). Capturing cool and candid portraits of your kids at every age is their thing.

This is one of my fave shots from my family’s recent shoot with them. Hello confetti!

photography pop up (with confetti)What I loved most about the way Sandra and Amelia work together is their patience, relaxed vibe and unfailing enthusiasm to produce meaningful shots of your kids.

photography pop up (with confetti)

After our visit, I spoke to them both about what makes their work and life, work.

Amelia – “We love capturing kids just as they are – whether they have loud or quiet personalities. We don’t do cheesy or heavily styled and decorated shoots – we’re about snapping children in the most authentic way so both the parents and the kids can look back on them and remember what they were like. That might mean some tears, lots of smiles or even no smiles, and that’s all fine by us. We get it – all kids are different and we love that.”

Sandra – “We created A Pop of Love after we became mums and realised kids don’t have the longest attention span (or at least ours didn’t!) and the thought of taking them out to a park for a one hour family shoot would get us hyperventilating. The idea of a ‘pop’ is you come in for a quick photo session with your kids and get some snaps of them as they are. We pop up once a month in Sydney, and next stop Melbourne.”

photography pop up (with confetti)Sandra – “For me, learning to find the balance between being a creative and a beautiful mother for your children is a work in progress. Annabelle is at daycare a few days a week so I can focus wholeheartedly on work while knowing she’s taken care of, learning and having fun. On the days where she’s at home with me, I can switch off and enjoy her company. I found it really hard to let go initially – I call it mummy’s separation anxiety. Once I realised how much better it was for both of us, everything just got better.”

photography pop up (with confetti)You can connect with A Pop of Love Photography on Instagram + Facebook and grab the June issue of CHILD Mags for your chance to score a 20% discount on their next pop up.