11 things about babs

11 things about Babs - Child Mags Blog - Barbara O'Reilly

Who writes here? In this ‘11 Things About’ mini-series, the people behind child mags blog (hi!) let you in on a few of their quirks and secrets.

1. My birthday is New Year’s Day. Depending on what season of my life we’re talking about, this has either been really awesome or really average. Right now it’s pretty cool.

2. You’ll not find the words ‘married to my best friend’ in my Instagram profile, because I’m not married to my best friend. My bestie and I have been happily unmarried since we were 22 and I think that’s the way we’ll stay.

3. I love classic books and trashy TV. My movie taste sits somewhere in between.

4. I have 17 nieces and nephews. Five of them were born within 10 months of my daughter. We had a serious baby boom in 2011.

5. My family moved to Australia from Ireland when I was five, thank god because I really like it here.

6. I graduated my Masters of Journalism with a three-week-old baby stowed away under my gown. It was a very special day.

7. Being at home is my favourite thing ever. No plans = winning, in my mind.

8. I ate chocolate for breakfast today. I’d happily eat chocolate for breakfast every day, but I have kids so I can’t.

9. I work in digital publishing but have LOVED paper since I can remember. When I was a kid I collected ‘fancy paper’ like it was gold and I can often be found trawling the newsagency for my next treasure.

10. When I was a child I’d read the same books over and over again. Laura Ingalls Wilder was (is) my hero. 

11. I can sometimes come across as intense, but I’m actually pretty relaxed in general. I’m just easily excited and I talk really fast so….maybe I’m not actually that relaxed after all?

xoxo Babs