july issue of child mags

July Issue of CHILD Mags

In the July issue of CHILD Mags, Karen Miles explains why all kids must matter to the grown ups in their life.

When my daughter Scarlett expressed an interest in dance classes, we started with jazz and soon realised she wanted more – ballet, tap, lyrical – and so we made the big decision to switch her to a primary school with a dance syllabus on campus. Likewise with my son Harrison, but for him it was building and design, hence the jumbo buckets of Lego around his room (and Lego across his floor, which only I seem to find underfoot in the dark). When our kids show us who they are, we respond – such is a parent’s desire to fuel and support their kids.

But what if your son expressed a desire to dress as a princess, or your daughter insists on being part of the boys sports teams? Gender variance is mostly not talked about, so we may fear and misunderstand it and in so doing, disregard many kids. One form of gender variance is transgender. This issue, we spoke to three families whose young children identify as transgender to get to the heart of the matter.

July Issue of CHILD MagsI so completely LOVE our July story ‘She’s Got Mail’. If you’re considering a return to paid work, check out this (downloadable and very shareable) letter that one employer sent to Melbourne mum Jane Woolard #HireMum #EmployerOfTheYear  #GirlsGotTalent

July Issue of CHILD MagsThis winter’s day, I hope you’re snuggled up somewhere cosy to watch our ‘two cute’ toddler cover kid Oliver in this video…

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Words: Karen Miles / Cover Photography: Sue Stubbs / Flat-Lay Photography + Illustrations: Jenna Templeton / Video: Melissa Cowan