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Happy List - Barbara O'Reilly - child mags blog

Barbara O’Reilly lists all the things that have made her crack a smile this week.

I’m kind of a bit obsessed with happiness. I actually think I have always been, but it’s only in the past few years that I’ve really consciously researched it. I’m not sure if all this reading has actually made me a happier person, but I do know that if I’m feeling a bit crap I can usually figure out why pretty quickly.

So many happiness studies have concluded that experiencing a happy moment is great, but if you leverage it by recalling, recording and sharing said moment then the joy you experience will be much greater. So I’m giving it a try and recalling, recording and sharing the online things that have made me a bit happier this week.

1. This Parisian kindergarten is all sorts of perfect.
2. This letter written by an employer to the children of her new staff member is perfection.
3. The happiness equation has been updated.
4. This blog post hit me right in the feels.
5. Another reason to love RAdelaide.
6. Gah, I don’t care how cold it is, I NEED these in my belly!
7. I feel like I would be more enthusiastic about cooking if this was my kitchen.
8. I think I love Cinderella slippers.
9. This TED talk had me nodding so much I pulled my neck out.
10. Is it our job to make our kids happy? I’m on the fence.

Enjoy xoxo