we love…the luggy basket

Luggy Basket by Ollie & Ella

This week Barbara O’Reilly shares something she loves…

As you may imagine, between CHILD Mags and my blog I get a LOT of emails full of gorgeous products for kids.

There is a heap of swooning, a fair bit of oohing and ahhing and the occasional gasp. The Luggy Basket inspired the latter.

It’s basically a tiny wheeled basket for your toddler, perfect for storing and toting their treasures, otherwise known as the piles of random crap they feel the need to grab as you run out the door.

I’m obsessed. I’m imagining myself wandering along the beach, nothing but a latte in hand as the kids pull their little baskets full of…well, everything, behind them. I may even be inspired to get out of bed on a Sunday morning for a farmer’s market trip if I knew such cuteness would be coming along with me.

Olli Ella, the brand behind the basket, was founded on the idea that just because something is made for a nursery, it needn’t look out of place elsewhere. And that’s basically my entire attitude towards kids design.

What’s more, they’re all about fair trade, quality design and beautiful materials. Snaps all round baby.


xoxo Babs