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How do you put your grocery money to a good cause? Barbara O’Reilly explores.

Ok, so have you got kids? Do they eat like 20 times a day? Do you haemorrhage money on groceries at least a few times a week?

It’s ridiculous right! But there are some things I gladly throw in the trolley. And that’s supermarket products that exist either purely for the purpose of charity or that give a lot of money to it.

That’s pretty exciting in my opinion, don’t you think?

Let me run you through some of my faves, and then you can tell me in the comment section about ones I’ve missed.

Thankyou. You can buy cereal, water, body wash, sanitiser, snacks and now baby products (including nappies) that donate all profits to related projects. So if you buy a bottle of water, it helps fund clean water projects. If you buy baby products, the proceeds go to funding birthing centres and so on. The brand only exists to be awesome and fund charitable endeavours. I have to buy oats anyway, so it’s a total no brainer for me. We profiled the founders last month, talk about awesome folks!

Dick Smith Foods I only found this out recently, but since its launch, Dick Smith foods have donated over 7.4 million to Aussie charities. The company was created to help Aussie farmers and to this day they only use Australian suppliers, products and manufacturers. Cool right?

Moxie As a Western woman, I never had to worry about my period stopping me from getting an education, and to be honest, as a teenager I didn’t even know this was a thing. But it was and it still is the reality in many developing countries. For every marked pack of pads and liners sold, Moxie donates the equivalent amount of locally made, reusable products to the young Ugandan girls so that they can continue their schooling. Need more encouragement? 10888 Ugandan girls have benefited so far and 130 Ugandan women are employed to manufacture and distribute the products. What an awesome opportunity to support the cause and start a conversation with our daughters about this issue!

Who Gives a Crap Ok, so you can’t actually get this from most supermarkets, but I always forget to get loo paper when I do the groceries anyway. So it’s time to start ordering online. Why? Because over 2.5 billion people across the world don’t have access to a toilet. That’s roughly 40 percent of the global population and means that diarrhoea related diseases fill over half of sub-Saharan African hospital beds and kill 1400 children under five every day. I have two children under five and I’m not okay with that at all. So I choose to start buying toilet paper that donates 50 percent of profits to WaterAid.

Sanitarium I’d heard a lot about their tax status, because they were church owned and I always associated this with negative connotations. So I was dubious of including them in this list. Let me explain: As an organisation that operates as a charity, Sanitarium is exempt from company income tax. It does pay other taxes that apply to Australian companies though. The reason I decided to include them is, Sanitarium funds numerous breakfast clubs that provide almost one million serves of breakfast to Aussie kids in areas of greatest need. Also, each year more than 300000 serves of Weet-Bix are distributed to charities through Foodbank. Not bad right?

Domestos UNICEF and Domestos have partnered in committing to help 25 million people have access to proper sanitation by 2020, because women and girls living without any toilets spend 97 billion hours each year looking for a place to go to the toilet. In some situations they risk shame, harassment and even attack because of this issue. Make sure you grab the specially marked bottles if you want a percentage of proceeds to help this cause. 

Keep an eye out for other products that help raise money, awareness and hopes for people around the world! The way you choose to spend your money may just be the greatest power you have.

 xox Babs