we love…swan planters

we love…swan planters

This week Jenna Templeton shares something she loves…

I’ve always adored indoor plant nooks in homes. My childhood years were spent admiring my mum’s African violet pots and potted palms as well as my nanna’s pebble terrarium. So it’s no surprise I adore beautiful pots and indoor floral beauties. I was quite taken by a small swan planter I found in my local op shop one day, and my little collection has been slowly growing since.

My current fave is a medium china swan I rotate around the house on our retro style buffet and dining table. If I had one of those Aussie ‘good rooms’ (popular in the 80s) I’d put it in there. Do you remember these? A room that was off-limits to children? I could go on but that would be a whole other post.

Anyway, swan planters for the win.

Jenna x