august issue of child mags

august issue of child mags

In the August issue of CHILD Mags, outgoing Editor Karen Miles introduces you to her final issue of CHILD – have you seen her last cover!

As you read this, I will have just returned from an incredible two weeks in Europe – Dublin (the home of some of literature’s greats), Paris (where the art of living is defined) and London (where I wonder if my heart truly belongs). I will have finished up my time here at CHILD as Editor, but I couldn’t resist writing this intro to the August issue. Not only is it the last issue I have put together for you, our lovely readers, this month’s themes are two of my most favourite things – creativity and education.

Being the Education & Creativity issue, I took my cover styling cue from musician Gwen Stefani who was inspired by 80’s hip hop. Remember that sweet beat in Hollaback Girl? Some of the choreography and costuming is just so fun and was said to be Gwen’s stance on her preference for being a female leader not a follower (ie: not a girl who is confined to holla back what others say for her), and that’s what I wanted to express with this cover – fun, creativity and confidence in yourself.

august issue of child magsI also had the pinch-me opportunity of working on this cover with the uber talented Nathan Johnson from Blacklist Studio (and dad of two) – he created all of our coverline artwork. Thank you Nathan – I am in awe of your creativity and talent. How great does it feel to surround yourself with people who are not only highly skilled in their craft but also passionate about your ideas and creating awesome projects together. As a creative person, it’s life sustaining and for me, where meaning lives.

august issue of child magsSo, what’s inside this issue? I wanted to provide you with a completely new perspective on how and why success and failure happens in our lives. When you see someone, or a child in your kid’s class, achieve great success, we assume it’s something they are 100% alone responsible for creating. But life is not so linear or simple. We also, on the flipside, like to attribute ‘failure’ to a failing or lacking in that person or child, when nothing could be further from the truth. I hope you love this article as much as I do – love to hear your thoughts on it?

august issue of child magsI am also so delighted that Dr Evelyn Lewin said yes to writing our article Play School on the various forms of creative arts therapy. The piece explores art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy and play therapy, and their medical and wellbeing benefits for our children. When your kids may not have the words to describe all their feelings, like the adults in their life do, this approach to therapeutic support is totally on their level.

It’s nearly spring and time for new beginnings…big love to you all xx


Words: Karen Miles / Cover Photography: Sue Stubbs / Coverline art: Nathan Johnson / Flat-Lay Photography + Paper Cut-outs: Jenna Templeton / Video:Melissa Cowan