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We have rounded up all the things that have made us crack a smile this week. So come and get happy with us.

I was recently listening to a podcast called Happier, I listen to it every week because it makes me….happier. Funny that.

This week they talked about quotes, but more specifically about having a personal quote. And it got me thinking, if I had to choose a signature quote what would it be?

I think it might be, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Lots of studies have found that that a strong sense of self is a huge contributor towards happiness and funnily enough identifying that this is my quote actually did actually make me happier.

The other things that made me happy this week?

  1. Katherine Sabbath’s Instagram feed, her cakes, her fashion, her vibe.
  2. This gorgeous gift to a family who needed it.
  3. Stylish threads for sick teens.
  4. This TED talk about taking the other path.
  5. This book full of self love.
  6. Amy Shipp’s answers to our 20 Questions.
  7. What makes a happy child?
  8. This Iced Vovo milkshake.
  9. The new range of kids clothing by Mrs Millah
  10. Felt toy Australian cakes and biscuits.

xoxo Babs

Featured image / Alfonso Cenname