20 questions with paulina eaborn

Instagram addicted? Mrs Paulie from Little Vikings has dropped by the blog to talk all things gram. 

For those of you who aren’t currently following @Mrs_Paulie_ on Instagram, I’m going to have to insist that you do so ASAP. If her three gorgeous boys, awesome sense of style, honest words and penchant for running the odd 100k a month, pushing a pram aren’t enough to get you over the line, then maybe the fact that she designed and creates the epicly stylish and charity inspired Pray For Trax necklaces may be of more interest to you.

We had her by last month to talk about motherhood and body image but we really needed more of her awesomeness so here she is, and you will also be able to find her taking over our Instagram account this week! Enjoy.

I share images because…I’m a sucker for pretty photos and I collect them like some people collect shells.

I never leave the house without…My phone.

The music I’ve got on repeat is…
Jack Johnson.

My favourite thing to photograph is…I love taking pics of products or still life, interior. I love styling products.

In the morning I always…Have my coffee. I don’t get much sleep with a nursing baby, so I treasure my cuppa.

My dream holiday destination is…Denmark. I love to go home on holidays and see my friends and family.

I want my Instagram profile to make people feel…Inspired.

My favourite piece of clothing is…Striped loose tee.

My current insta-ration is coming from…I love a few shops that I’m following for their interior pics such as @scandikid @frankeysueshop @hellolittlebirdie

My favourite photo editing apps are…I just edit my pics in Insta. A bit of light and I like to straighten my pics.

True or False

I could live without a smart phone: No!

Instagram is my Jam: Oh yeah! But I miss IG from the good old days when people followed each other for beautiful pics and friendships. It’s all become a bit cray cray as of lately.

All’s fair in love and war: No! We need to be kind to each other!

Fairy bread is happiness on a plate: No, not a fan.

Vegemite rocks: Not an Aussie so I hate the stuff, but my kids eat it from the jar!

Pick a Side

Plane or Roadtrip: Roadtrip with 3 kids?! Maybe when they are older. Plane!

Balloons or Flowers: Flowers.

Cake or Kale: I’ve never ever had kale, I don’t even like the idea of it! Cake all the way.

Puppies or Kittens: Puppies.

Heels or Kicks: I have one pair of wedges and never wear them. Kicks every damn day!

Interview: Melissa Cowan