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This week Melissa Cowan shares something she loves…

I’ve recently moved into a terrace with a small courtyard, and really want to grow some edible plants (yes to fresh tomato and basil pasta). I have zero gardening experience, so it’s a whole new world for me.

On Sunday, I did the Small Space Edible Gardening course through Pocket City Farms at Camperdown Commons. It was seriously awesome! Camperdown Commons is an abandoned bowling green turned productive ecological urban farm in Sydney’s inner west. I really think it’s just the kind of thing our city needs.

The course taught me how to make healthy, life-giving soil and which plants are suitable for small sunny spaces…plus way more. It was perfect for the level I’m at (zero), but I think most people would get something out of it. As soon as we finished the course, we raced to Bunnings to buy soil and pots…we’re even starting a worm farm (never thought I’d say that)!

Stay tuned for more gardening goodness…

Mel x

Featured Image: Brooke Cagle