20 questions with maria angus

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Instagram addicted? Maria Angus from @myminiabode has dropped by the blog to talk all things gram. 

Maria Angus is an Adelaide-based interiors stylist who believes children’s rooms should be as stylish and practical as the rest of the home. Her Instagram profile is totally awe worthy, and we want her to come and redesign our houses STAT.

I share images because…It keeps my creative vein pumping. It keeps me in touch with who I am outside of being a mum/wife/daughter/sister.

I never leave the house without…My phone, purse, keys, sunglasses and the baby!

The music I’ve got on repeat is…Sticky Fingers. Which is kind of appropriate with two small children.

My favourite thing to photograph is…Interiors, family moments and anything that catches my eye. I see the world in such a different way now. Inspiration for capturing a moment or experience is everywhere! At the moment, I’m a little addicted to finding cool walls around my city.

In the morning I always…Have a cup of coffee. Don’t even talk to me beforehand!

My dream holiday destination is…Maldives.

I want my Instagram profile to make people feel…Inspired, happy, and like they can have a laugh too.

My favourite piece of clothing is…My dressing gown!

My current insta-ration is coming from…@acolorstory, full of inspiration and colour. I always check in on my favourite feeds such as @sarahshanahan_lifestyle and @notsomumsy to name just a few.

My favourite photo editing apps are…A Color Story and VSCO. I’m obsessed with the A Color Story app, it’s amazing for making colours pop.

True or False

I could live without a smart phone: FALSE. Sad, but true!

Instagram is my Jam: TRUE. I’m addicted.

All’s fair in love and war: FALSE. Let’s all be kind to each other instead.

Fairy bread is happiness on a plate: FALSE. One piece and I feel sick!

Vegemite rocks: TRUE. Can’t beat it.

Pick a Side

Plane or Roadtrip: Oh so hard to choose! Especially for a Gemini like me. Can I choose both? I love a good roadtrip, the sense of adventure and absolute mayhem with kids in the back.

Balloons or Flowers: Flowers.

Cake or Kale: Cake.

Puppies or Kittens: Puppies.

Heels or Kicks: Kicks for comfort, heels for that wow factor.

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