we love…eat me do

we love...eat me do child mags blog

Iced Vovos, Fruit Loops, Bubble ‘O’ Bills and Cheezel rings, oh my! Novelty clothes and accessories to love and wear with Aussie pride.

Eat Me Do is an Australian brand that takes inspiration for their apparel and accessories from Aussie cereal, biscuits, party food and sweets.

I love anything and everything that’s dedicated to Australiana. Fairy bread and iced vovos have always held a special place in my heart – they are national icons after all!

So when I saw that this local label Eat Me Do are celebrating our fave yummy iconic delights, I let out a BIG eeep! of excitement.

we love...eat me do child mags blogIced Vovo Brooch / Bubble’O’Bill Patch / Baked Bean Clutch / Cheezel Ring / Party Mix Clutch / Froot Loop Earrings

Can I have one of everything to go please?

we love...eat me do child mags blogWords: Jenna Templeton