20 questions with patience hodgson

20 questions with patience hodgson

Instagram addicted? Patience Hodgson @paehoddy from the Aussie band The Grates @thegrates has dropped by the blog to talk all things gram.

Late last year, child mags blog had the AWESOME opportunity to interview Patience about motherhood and the life knowledge she hopes to pass on to her daughter, Soda. So we’re super thrilled to have her back on our digital pages again, this time as our honourable Guest Instagrammer this week.

Patience Hodgson is the front woman of Aussie band, The Grates. She currently lives in Brisbane with her partner, John, and daughter, Soda. A lady of many talents, she enjoys crafting in her spare time and bedazzling anything in sight. She is also co-owner of the South Side Tea Room with John.

Read on to for more interesting deets about this cool leading lady!

I share images because… it’s fun! I love fiddling with filters and the edit tools. I’m useless on Photoshop, so IG is my crude attempt at picture beautifying. I use twitter for words and Instagram for images. They’re the only two social media platforms I engage with.

I never leave the house without… shoes! I can occasionally leave the house without my phone, or my wallet, or a sip cup for my daughter, but I can’t handle my feet touching the ground bare! I’m such a city dweller.

The music I’ve got on repeat is… Bleeding Knees Club – there are some unreleased songs that my husband John just produced with the band. I can’t stop listening to their gooey guitar pop sound. I wish I could tell you when it’s coming out and what it’s going to be called, but I have no idea. If you see a new EP from BKC in the recent future, get it!

My favourite thing to photograph is… my daughter, Soda. Its insane how quickly babies grow. While it’s also the slowest time in your life, if that makes any sense? She’s just out of this world cute and is always doing things for ‘The First Time’, which means, if it’s in arms reach, the camera’s popping.

In the morning I always… have a cup of tea immediately, teamed with a piece of toast. For about two years, third trimester onwards, I would have peanut butter and coconut oil on toast as soon as I woke up. Back when my Soda was really little, I’d make John bring them to me. Anyways, I loved PB+CO so much that it slowly increased to 4 slices a day. I was going through a big jar of peanut butter by myself in a week. Too much! I gave it up cold turkey and now it’s avocado and Vegemite.

My dream holiday destination is… The Swiss Alps. I really, really hope I can go there one day. It just all looks so beautiful and serene. I’d really love to try their traditional cheesy, smokey bacon, tourist pleasing dish called Tartiflette. And ride the train through the mountains!

I want my Instagram profile to make people feel… connected. Just a place where I post what I am doing, mostly looking better than what it is! Instagram can show you pictures of Brisbane, but can’t share the heat or humidity. So yeah, it’s just a place where I go to feel connected to a lot of people and I guess that’s what I hope people feel towards me.

My favourite piece of clothing is… my incredible pom-pom jacket. When John and I got married we requested friends, family and fans to make us pom- poms if they wanted – we got so many from all over the place, the world! It was so special and meaningful. Then Rachel Burke immortalised them into comfort fashion by putting them onto a jacket for me. It’s incredible!

My current insta-ration is coming from… @_tee.money_ because her baby is a million types of cute and I can’t stop watching videos of her learning to eat, but also @imakestagram because Rachel makes me the best clothes and lives in such a gorgeous house! Plus @marniethedog reminds me of how awesome it is to be imperfect. Especially if you make your imperfection your strength.

My favourite photo editing apps are… Afterlight. It’s the only one I use, outside of the standard IG filters.

Who will play you in a movie about your life… Melinda Buttle. Because she’s my friend, a decent actress and hilarious. I think she’d really be able to jazz up the story that is my life. And she’s Australian. She can’t sing. But she could lip-sync and write the script. What a talent!

Fave iconic Aussie thing… Playschool. I love it. It’s an Aussie institution. I find it so fun and relaxing, and they have some really incredible crafts on there too. I love the pace of the program and the quiet energy of the presenters. Soda asks for it by singing the opening tune of the theme song (uh uh uh, uh uh uh!) and it’s the one TV program I don’t feel bad about her watching. Some kids shows are so intense, like a stimulus collision, which I’m suspect of. Playschool is an encouraging and gentle teacher.

True or False

Instagram is my Jam: True

Fairy bread is happiness on a plate: False

Vegemite rocks: True

Pick a Side

Plane or Roadtrip: Depends on size of vehicle and company. This has too many variables! I can’t choose without specific information.

Balloons or Flowers: Before baby – flowers. After baby – definitely balloons.

Cake or Kale: Kale

Puppies or Kittens: I’m allergic to cats (sad face)

Heels or Kicks: Kicks

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