happy list


We’ve rounded up all the things that have made us crack a smile lately. So come and get happy with this week’s Happy List.

  1. These T-shirts by Say Hola, because every mamma and daughter duo needs matching tees.
  2. This study found that happy music makes people better people. But I’m pretty sure we already knew that.
  3. We wrote about lots of cool motherhood podcasts (all Aussie of course) that will keep your mind ticking while you do all those riveting daily things you do. Less bored = happier parent. You’re welcome.
  4. This TED talk about saying thank you.
  5. This beautiful Instagram picture that says so much about motherhood.
  6. We gave our Pinterest boards a spring clean and now they are all sorts of perfect.
  7. This skin colour project.
  8. These child-friendly daily meditations.
  9. This study that found making decisions quickly = happier outcomes.
  10. This insane recipe book!

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xoxo Babs

Featured image by Barbara O’Reilly