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bluebird co child mags blog

Bluebird Co. jewellery is Sarah Quinn’s perfect creative outlet. Ideal for free-spirited little kids and their mummas.

Bluebird Co. makes gorgeous keepsake jewellery pieces by for kids and adults so we jumped at the chance to talk to owner Sarah Quinn, 33, a teacher and jewellery maker from Queensland. She lives with her husband, Luke, and their children, Hosea Courage and Pearl Joy. You can find her jewellery (Bluebird Co) on her website and Instagram

I design and create sterling silver keepsake jewellery for children and adults. I’ve seen how much people (my children and I included) enjoy wearing and gifting these unique pieces. I also find purpose and even deeper satisfaction knowing that a percentage of profits from these treasures goes straight to Zambia to assist in the funding of a not-for-profit organisation committed to assisting orphans and widows living in impoverished conditions.

Creating jewellery for others became a creative outlet for me as I was on maternity leave with two young children. Once I started learning how to hand-stamp letters onto pendants, I began making personalised jewellery pieces with initials, names and nicknames on them.

bluebird co child mags blog

Growing up, my parents were often encouraging my sister and me to create things.

My mum taught me to sew and my dad is the ultimate handyman, so I know he will help me to create anything I think up, especially when it comes to furniture. My sister and I were always supported when we wanted to make creative expressions, our bedrooms were our main outlet as teenagers. I laugh just thinking about the ‘cool’ bedroom themes I had going on during those years!

bluebird co child mags blog

Free-spirited young people inspire me so much. Whenever I design something new, I’m always envisioning it on children who are adventurous and creative. Our coastal lifestyle means I’m motivated to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that can be enjoyed and worn every day.

My style is classic and minimal. I think it’s changed over the years as I’ve come to appreciate the timeless beauty in unique, good quality items. I love luxe bohemian pieces – for my home and closet!

bluebird co child mags blog

A typical day starts with coffee and breakfast with the family. I’ll spend a few hours each day making jewellery orders and I try to fit this in around my husband’s shift work so that we can have some family time together with the children. Whenever possible I fit in a run in the morning or late afternoon. This is my zone out and recharge time.

One of the biggest challenges I do find is the managing of time. When I start getting new creative ideas and I want to try them all out, I find that I often need to put on the brakes and face the reality that there is a limited number of hours in each day.

I’m forever trying to find the right balance between work/home/life.

bluebird co child mags blog

Images: Tara Lee Photography