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Our Digital Editor talks about the one area of parenting she wants to do better at. 

Let me start this post by saying that I don’t buy into the ‘having everything’ narrative of motherhood. I am a great mum and I have lots of flaws too. I rarely beat myself up for my shortcomings and have very realistic expectations of, you know, life.

I absolutely do not subscribe to mum guilt, in any way, shape or form but… there is one area I really want to do better in when it comes to parenting.

I want to read to them more, like really read to them.

I find it really hard to stop and read to my kids. Yes, I read books to them. Daily. But it’s the stopping bit that I struggle with.

When we’re reading, it’s usually night time, it’s usually half an hour after I wanted them to actually be in bed, I’m usually stressing about what time we have to be out the door in the morning, or about the empty lunch boxes that are sitting on the kitchen counter or…I’m just ready to plonk on the couch and I basically phone it in.

Not always. There are certain books I love that I enthusiastically pore over with them. And there are some days that REALLY being present comes easier. I make sure to read every day but I’m not sure that every day I demonstrate a love for books.

Which is crazy because I love books, I love words, my kids love books, their collection is epic. It’s really only the ability to stop and be present that is halting this process.

As I said, I’m not into mum guilt at all but Why Reading To Kids Is a Big Deal, an article that we ran in our print mag, made me feel uneasy about this aspect of my parenting.

And despite the fact that I wouldn’t ever want any of you lovely readers to feel anything but proud of the way you are raising your kids, I’m sharing this because part of telling stories is telling my story. So there it is.

I’m going to try to do better.


Featured image Patchwork Cactus – Styled by a Miffy obsessed five year old. Wall shelf by The Timber Trend.