are we talking about fatherhood enough?

I love that I get to experience motherhood in this decade. Do you?

I feel like my generation of woman have come into it at a great time. Motherhood is celebrated, it’s written about, discussed at great lengths, there are resources and narratives that just didn’t exist even 15 years ago.

Yes, it can be harder in some ways, modern parenting comes with some new pressures (where the hell’s my village?) but these pressures are openly recognised. You know?

The fact that we are addressing these issues in a public space is a huge win in my eyes.

But what about the dads?

Our society expects men to support the significant changes their partners/wives go through, assuming they themselves have no emotional issues. Men often feel responsible for the full financial support of the family as their wife leaves the workforce for some time. They realise that their health, which may have never troubled them, is now a potential vulnerability for the family’s wellbeing.”

In Why Do Men Get Postnatal Depression? we looked into one of the less discussed areas of modern parenting.


And it was a bit of an eye opener for me. If you have any fatherhood stories you think need to be shared, please let us know. Let’s shine a light on the dads.


Featured Image by Caleb Jones