7 reasons to outsource children’s parties

Hosting a kids party in the post-Pinterest world is hectic.

Let’s be honest, it was hectic 30 years ago.

But now we have all these great tutorials that make creating a do, fit for a queen, look easy. And mum bloggers who do this stuff for a living (guilty) showing you how to turn a donkey piñata into a unicorn in four short hours.

It takes a lot of time and if it’s not your thing, it’s not really that fun.

Outsourcing isn’t my strong point so I’m going to share with you guys all the reasons I think I should actually start doing it.

1. When the guests arrive you won’t look like this.


Yup, when you’re putting the final touches on the cake and setting a table that’s quickly becoming undone by a freak wind gust – there isn’t much time for primping. There isn’t even much time for changing out of your pj’s.

2. And your kitchen won’t look like this.

mess-kitchen-gifIt’s kind of hard to send your mates in to help themselves to a cup of tea when your kitchen is…well…not exactly habitable.

3.The fails can really rock you.


Look, it’s not like my kids are going to grow up to be dysfunctional if they don’t have the perfect birthday cake, but it would be nice if, after my kitchen looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, the cake didn’t too.

4. That little thing called adult conversation.

I miss my friends. Even when I see my friends I still miss them. Having small children and trying to hold a conversation is hard enough without also having to find the missing pass-the-parcel that you made at 2am that morning. All we can do is top up each other’s wine, have a quick clink and wish each other luck for the next battle.

5. So you can be there.


Having pictures of your child’s party is nice, having the time to find a camera with a working SD card and charged batteries is equally fun. But being in the picture? Both figuratively and literally, is absolutely priceless.

6. Saying no is fun.

Saying no can be the best feeling in the world. Choosing to have the party organised by someone else may just give you that same feeling.

7. Because you’re only human.


Not every party needs to look like the ones in magazines, but even making an average cake and blowing up supermarket balloons takes a lot of time. It’s ok to choose breathing over these things.

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