take our gilmore girls reboot-camp

Can you believe there’s only about one month left until the Gilmores and Stars Hollow peeps enter our lives again? With the Netflix reboot set to air on Nov 25, we’re hoping all our unanswered questions about Gilmore and co will be resolved but until then, we’ve compiled a bunch of homework we think you should do in preparation.

16 years ago a little lady by the name of Rory Gilmore, her vibrant mother Lorelai Gilmore and their hours of witty banter flooded our TV screen and hearts – I’m not kidding, we all fell in love.

Stars Hollow became a real life community, our coffee intake increased a few notches, and the Dean vs Jess debate trumped our own political ones. Remember? Let us help you get back to that place.


Take the Rory Gilmore reading challenge


I’m betting the reason I cried during Rory’s valedictorian speech is different to why most did – I cried because I related to the world of books Rory recreated like sailing a raft with Huck and Jim and riding a sad train with Anna Karenina. Over the course of seven seasons, Rory was seen reading 339 books on screen. We love that someone has kindly put together an interactive Rory Gilmore reading challenge, which you can use to tick off the titles you’ve read. So cool.

Check out Luke’s Diner in actual real life


For someone who had a myriad of rules and aversions to social interaction, Luke Danes sure ran one helluva business! Some might say Luke’s Diner was the Gilmore’s lifeline – even after Kirk drove a car right through the front window. Check out Netflix’s pop up Luke’s Diners – complete with Mr Danes himself. Please can they make one in Australia?

Test your Gilmore knowledge


Ok super fans, for the ones who secretly wished they were a Gilmore long lost relative, Rory’s room buddy at Yale or the back up singer in Hep Alien, this one’s for you. Take this Gilmore Girl’s quiz and prove your allegiance.

Party like it’s 1999…in Stars Hollow


I’m just gonna leave this here – tri-county area’s largest pizza. And while you’re pondering what to do for your Gilmore reboot party, one awesome blogger has put together a list of 16 Gilmore inspired party ideas.

Watch the complete Gilmore Girl’s movie list


After you’ve read every single book Rory has, it’s time to order your Chinese takeaway, empty the confectionary aisle at your local shops and prepare for the Gilmore Girl’s movie marathon. Use this ‘every single movie referenced in Gilmore Girls’ list to get your film on – Gilmore style!

Try some recipes to help you eat like a Gilmore 


In the words of Lorelai, “I would like a cheeseburger, with a side of cheeseburger, and see if they can make me a cheeseburger smoothie.” When your best friend is Chef Sookie St James, anything is possible. This handy site will help you cook your way through heaps of Gilmore inspired recipes (pop tarts included). ps the Eat like a Gilmore cookbook will also come in handy when channeling the eating habits of the girls.

Check out Kirk’s list of 62 careers 


Ahhh, that zany, kooky, naive and oddly loveable man deserves his own paragraph. Although he didn’t actually have 15,000 different careers as he once claimed, we can’t deny his insane work ethic. Brush up on the 62 odd jobs of the guy who’s done it all.

Relive some awesome parenting moments from Lorelai 


It’s obvious the heart of this show is the bond between Lorelai and her ‘kid’ Rory. There are some cool lessons we can learn from Lorelai about motherhood and its many adventures. Here’s a bunch of them – so you can get all mushy in prep. Then go and hug your mum.

Read the crib notes for the entire seven seasons


While you frantically try to cram seven seasons into the next few weeks (we absolutely condone this behaviour FYI), here’s a little breakdown of every single episode that ever was. You’re welcome.

And lastly…

This is not a drill…the new trailer is here! Here’s a sneak peak into the next chapter of our beloved Gilmore Girls.

‘Oy with the poodles already!’

Words: Lana Al Habl