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A cubby house you can colour in?! on child mags blog

OMG! A DIY toy kids can play with and colour in!

My favourite activities at primary school were arts and crafts followed by free play in the toy cubby. They both allowed me to do what I enjoyed most – being creative and discovering the world of make believe.

When my birthday was approaching I would always try and convince my parents to buy me my very own play house, I’ll have to ask them why it never happened… It was probably because they knew most kids normally play with the cardboard box rather than the toy that came in it. I’m sure you’ve all experienced that on occasion?

That’s why right now, I’m in awe of the two ingenious sisters; Isabel and Claudia, behind the Sydney-based brand UDIDIT who are making my said childhood (and your kids’) dreams a reality with their wonderful range of safe, eco-friendly and affordable cardboard cubby houses for kids aged 3-10 years.

A cubby house you can colour in?! on child mags blogNot only can little ones get enjoyment out of building the cardboard cubbies but they can also have fun decorating them with the included watercolour marker set. With six themes to choose from, kids can explore their imagination and creativity by building and colouring in a house, rocket, castle, plane, train or puppet theatre.

Parents don’t need to worry about not having the space in their toy-filled living rooms as they can be folded away for easy storage after play.

I’m just jealous they don’t come in adult sizes!

A cubby house you can colour in?! on child mags blogWords: Jenna Templeton / Photography: UDIDIT