how to survive + thrive at a sample sale

So, I don’t know about you, but the first time I went to a sample sale I was totally unprepared. Like, completely unprepared. I was hangry, wearing brand new slides that were attempting to saw my feet in half and I had two kids and one very unenthusiastic hubby by my side. It was all kinds of wrong.

So, if you’re hitting up any of the awesome sample sales in the lead up to Christmas, let me tell you the things I wish I had known, because… they may just be the key to your success.

Know what you want: When you walk into a sample sale, especially if it’s a big one, it’s easy to get confused and end up buying all the wrong stuff. So don’t make the mistake of buying a bunch of presents for yourself when you’re really there for stocking fillers *ahem. I hear that can happen.


Bring cash: Bring exactly as much cash as you’re willing to spend. Some venders may have card facilities but you do NOT want to be caught out. Lines go down, banks get funny, and husbands disappear with the cards. There is no bagsing at these things, you need to be prepared. Also, small notes are your best friends – if you don’t have to wait for change, you are going to up your productivity. Joking, kind of.

Comfortable shoes: You may want to hustle, you may need to shuffle, you do not need to be breaking in anything new. While you’re at it, think about your entire outfit. Personally, I like to sample sale in my active wear. Let’s be honest though – I like to do most things in my active wear.


Eat before you come: There may be a great range of food vendors at the event but don’t make the rookie error of turning up on an empty stomach. Food is a great note to end the outing on, but you don’t want to be sitting there eating while everyone else snatches your bargains. But you also don’t want to be hungry. Bad decisions can happen on an empty stomach.

Ditch the kids and husband: So this isn’t always possible, I feel this. I very rarely have a chance to head out empty handed. But if you can, this is one type of event you really want to go solo to. If you have to bring little people along, come prepared. Think snacks, iPads, bribes… whatever you need to make it happen.

Grab first, cull later: You can always change your mind if you don’t want it. But you can’t go grabbing things out of people’s hands if you miss out. You really can’t!

Get familiar with the brands – check websites: So you know who is going to be there, but are you familiar with their range? Do you have things you absolutely want to get if you can find it? How much are you happy to pay for it? You don’t want to go home thinking, man, I really should have bought those gorgeous moccasins but it was all too stressful.

Write a list: Do you have a bunch of people you have to buy for? Are there holes in your kids’ wardrobes? Have you noted exactly what you want to find from each brand? Be prepared lady! This is serious business.


Remember your manners: Do not turn into Monica, don’t be that chick. These fellow shoppers are your people, treat them accordingly. You are a human first and an award winning sample sale goer after. Anyway, good deeds = good shopping karma.


This post was brought to you by the Junior Sample Sale, an exclusive Sample Sale shopping event held in Sydney on Sunday 27th November. 

Over 25 of your favourite leading baby and kids’ brands coming together under the one roof to clear samples, seconds and end of line stock, all at 60-90% off the normal retail prices. 

Homeware, toys, accessories, shoes, swimwear, and of course a HUGE selection of baby and kids fashion from brands like Bugaboo, Storksak, Petit Bateau, Munster Kids, Tutu Du Monde, Mamas & Papas, Oobi, Storksak, Love Mae, Incy Interiors and many more. To view this sale’s growing list of stall holders, head to the website

Where: The Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School. Gate 9 Anzac Parade, Moore Park.
When: Sunday 27th November 9am – 1pm
How much: Entry to the sale is $3 payable at the door – children are free of charge.