mini feminist kids room

mini feminist kids room on child mags blog

We dedicate this room to all things girl power! A feminist inspired space for your little woman.

Who doesn’t want their children to grow up in a world free from sexism and challenges regarding gender equality?

This one is for those little ladies who want to live and lead to the beat of their own drum.

In the wise words of Brene Brown – “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.”

Mini feminists needs; some inspiring reads and tunes, creative outlets (guitar + journal), motivational posters and bedding, plus house shaped furniture and décor so she can begin building her dreams.

Make a match with …

Seventy Tree Born To Be Rad A3 Print The Willowlands / Wayward Daughter Feminist Pin Etsy / Lullaby Renditions Of Adele Rockabye Baby / Anne Black Porcelain Hooks & Handles In My Hood / Your Are My Sunshine Neon Light Electric Confetti / Feminist Activity Book By Gemma Corell Booktopia / Acoustic Guitar Klika / Sookibaby Lights On Blanket Growing Footprints / Depeapa Monochrome Women Cushion Simple Form / Design Co Kokeshi Doll Coco Chanel Hard To Find / Rosie the Riveter Colouring Page / From Floral With Love Girl Boss Tote Bag Etsy / Bandjo Cat Money Box Wiggles Piggles / Amazing Babes: A Picture Book for Kids & Adults By Eliza Sarlos + Grace Lee Penguin / Beau & Badger Girl Boss Floral Wedgewood Vintage Side Plate Etsy / Addison Single House Bed This Little Love / Unicorn Dreamland Feminist Bracelet Etsy / Kate Spade Notebook Notemaker /

Words + Still- Life Styling: Jenna Templeton